Anamoly Mountain Bike Shoes – New Kickstarter

Anamoly Mountain Bike Shoes – New Kickstarter

Photo by Anamoly


Anamoly is now live on Kickstarter as of today August 10, 2021. Support the next mountain bike shoes here.

Meet Anamoly mountain bike shoes. The world's first-ever crowdfunded MTB shoe, coming soon to Kickstarter.

Anamoly MTB shoes are the new “kicks on the trail block.” Their founders are on a mission to rid the world of clunky, un-functional, ugly, designed-by-committee MTB footwear for good. Here’s their latest video teaser.

Their Kickstarter campaign video is killer! ⚡

Designed by riders FOR riders.

Anamoly is bringing mountain bike footwear back to its original pioneering roots in California — the land of Gary Fisher, Marin County, and the invention of the original ‘Mountain Bike’ as we know and love it today.


Photos by Anamoly

Experience heroic-level performance with the shoe that's sure to make you grip and rip the trails.

Anamoly mountain biking shoes come stock with proprietary Hero Rubber™ compound. Hero Rubber™ is the first and only rubber that becomes stickier when wet. So, like earth’s gravitational pull, your rubber will be stuck solid onto your pedals like rare earth magnets. This specially formulated rubber is ready to stand up to the rigorous environment of a mountain biker’s norm.

Kickstarter Opens Tuesday, August 10th, 2021. The anticipated delivery is February 2022.

Anamoly is the world’s first mountain bike shoe to break the mold and challenge convention by launching on the crowdfunding platform. You can sign up to their email list at to get access to their limited edition merch and other cool freebies. They also have a VIP sign-up page here Once you secure your spot as a VIP backer, you’ll receive 20% off future orders, an official launch t-shirt or pair of socks, and priority shipping once the shoes are released.

We’re excited to see and test the performance of these shoes in the future. Who knows, these might be the best mountain bike shoes you didn’t know you needed.

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