Video: Race Face Is Getting Huck Naked To Celebrate World Naked Bike Ride

Video: Race Face Is Getting Huck Naked To Celebrate World Naked Bike Ride

Race Face is getting Huck Naked in their latest video. The World Naked Bike Ride is an international clothing-optional ride that brings together people of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes to “deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, more body-positive world.” Held in over 120 cities spanning 40 countries, this ride has occurred yearly for the last 17 years

In honor of the spirit of this ride, and to inspire and uplift any rider that has wanted to get out after it but didn’t quite feel like they fit into the mold of what they’ve seen out on the trails – the aggressive, the intense, or the intimidating – Race Face ambassadors Hailey Elise and Ollie Jones have stripped down and bared it all for their latest shreddit.

Photography: Mark Mackay
Videography: Ollie Jones & Kaz Yamamura

**Warning: This video does include nudity but thanks to masterful fern placements and tricky camera angles, we’ve kept things to a PG rating to ensure family-friendly viewing. That being said, we can’t guarantee you won’t get weird looks from your boss if you watch this at work.**


Riding Duff in the Buff

Simply being naked is vulnerable for anyone but we wanted to push it further. Coupling it with the high stakes of mountain biking adds another layer of exposure that can challenge a rider to change the way they ride, the way they read the terrain ahead, pushing them out of their comfort zone to create something different.

Whether you’re setting off on that first pedal or you’re a veteran rider rolling your favourite feature for the 100th time, we believe everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable out on the trails.

Raceface Huck Naked 2

Hailey was asked what the most challenging thing about filming this video compared to the others she's made

The most challenging part of this video was managing staying warm! It was the middle or March and rainy when we started. We had an assistant running around with blankets and jackets, a portable fire pit and a heater! Also, hiding bits creatively made every shot complicated.

Hailey Elise
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